hill afb repair bldg. 238 floor for structural loading

The mezzanine Guardian Construction is replacing for this $1.9M project sits in the center of a large production building and serves as a security wall separating the south half of the building into secure and non-secure sides. Our team understands Air Force security protocol.

For Repair Second Floor for Structural Loading in Bldg. 238, Guardian Construction is replacing a mezzanine that has experienced structural failure due to being overloaded. Prior to demolition, we constructed a security wall on the west side of the project and a dust barrier on the east side of the project to enclose our area. The dust barrier was 47 feet tall and nearly 200 feet long.

Existing roof top air handlers were reversed and used to create a negative pressure area in the project site to minimize fumes and dust in the areas that were continually occupied by the government. The new mezzanine is constructed with a structural steel frame situated on new footings.

The new space includes secure offices and conference rooms surrounded with STC-50 walls, general office space, new communications rooms, break room, and Vindicator card access system. This project required extensive coordination with the building users both on the secure and non-secure sides of the building in order to complete this project while the government still completed its missions.