usfs buckeye reservoir campground construction

Guardian Construction received high marks and recognition by both the contracting office and the project management office on this $1.3M project; we overcame some major challenges to complete this USFS project.

For Buckeye Reservoir Campground Construction, presented some major challenges that Guardian Construction worked to conquer. While we were performing on this campground construction, the government had given out a logging contract that covered our same location. We had to work around the logger, but the logger had no provision to work with us. The logger cut trees in locations we needed to excavate and left numerous piles of slash in our path. Guardian Construction adjusted to the problems and came up with a solution to the issue.

The winter of 2010-2011 was the wettest on record. The Design Engineer never measured the spillway elevation of the dam. He relied on historical high water marks to design the campground. In the spring of 2011, five of our campsites were underwater because of the high water level of the reservoir. We had to reconstruct portions of the campground and connecting roads.