usfs krassel work center barracks

The job site required a winter shutdown from October to April. Construction resumed during one of the wettest springs in 30 years. Due to the client’s fixed move-in date, no additional time extensions for inclement weather were feasible, and Guardian Construction delivered this $938K project on time, as promised.

For Krassel Work Center Barracks, Guardian Construction installed pre-manufactured modular units, including three barracks, a training building, and a shower building. Additional work included the installation of a new well system complete with a solar array and tracking system, new waterlines, and rehabilitation of the existing 8,000 gallon water tank. This project also included excavation, grading, and site utility work, the protection of surrounding areas including large trees (Ponderosa Pines), all in an existing campus / occupied site.

Existing utilities were not recorded accurately on the old as-builts, and in many instances, they were 20 to 40 feet off, which created numerous challenges during excavation. We encountered the exiting drain field while excavating for the Training Facility, requiring repairs and a complete relocation of the building and parking. Despite these excavation challenges, Guardian Construction finished the project on time.